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the gold ring

Thursday, May 13, 2010


"Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before yours eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those Laws."
– Abraham

You can create Each Individual Day. And you can create the larger picture of YOUR STORY. I do both. I am an extremely early riser and that time is the transformative part of my entire day. If morning is not your best time, find another. Call it a Spiritual Practice. Call it a ritual. Call it Herman, I don't care. Just have FUN.

The more you Enjoy this, the more you see Magic unfolding. No exaggeration. It's Creating Your Life Story as though your were writing a character in a book. Except it's you. It is meant to be pleasurable, not a chore. Pleasure is Key. Play with it, tweak it, mean it, watch it unfold.

When people manifest fabulous lives, they'll say to me, I don't believe it! And I remind them of the conviction and focus they had, the joy, the trust. They became immersed in the journey itself. They were thrilled by the journey. How could they Not manifest! That's how it's done, Sweetie. Own it. Become It. Have a giggle. Oh yeah, yes, yessie.


It's one thing to recognize a Truth. To have this Knowing is sheer bliss. The next step to creating the new paradigm is Owning It. How? Practice, what else?

We practice to create new neuro pathways in our brain. The stronger those pathways become, the more automatic the habit. And as we practice the new habit, the old electrical pathways in our brain break down, disperse. We are creatures of habit. Be careful what you choose. Neuro pathways can be strong. Use the Mind to choose the new pathway over the old, i.e. Use the Mind to Change the Mind. Outstanding stuff.

We practice to build a skill, like learning the scales on a piano. Or golf: practice your swing. Over and over. Skill can become Art. Start small, Think Big. Bigger, hon!

Listen: All I ever do is practice. I'm a practicing machine. I'm practicing as I write this I'm practicing with every single person who appears before me as a client. I give them everything I've got. You think I'm in agony spending all this time. I'm high as a kite. Work, yes. Bliss, yes. Approaching Laugh Riot.

When we teach by example, we are practicing what we want to learn. Get happier and happier. Let your life be your proof. Walk Your Talk. It's on the wing. It's airborne. You're an aerodynamically moveable feast. You're loaded with Light and Yummy to be around!



I just remember when I was young, there was clearly – from the father – such a negative feeling coming across all the time. He had to be boss, had to have the power.

He met his match. I was clever and determined. I had pincurls of peroxided hair hidden beneath my other hair. I shaved my legs when it was considered too soon for that sort of behavior! I smoked mentholated cigarettes called Newports in a cool ocean blue and white box. I wore short kilts and flirted with older boys through classroom windows and was sent home from school by a sadistic principal. I did whatever I wanted. I was also an A student. That got me extra rope on my leash. Smart doggie.

Gosh, I can no longer remember the name of the child-rearing book that advocated never saying No to your children. In theory I totally got it. If a kid is reared with constant No, imagine what you have given her/him as a legacy from the authority figures in their lives; imagine the deficit in their self esteem for most kids! I was fine with a bully when I was young, but there were ramifications later. So I advocate a YES approach 100%.

Listen, this is the catch: Saying Yes takes more time. Saying No is way easier. But there's no payoff. You are not helping to create a happy YES human being. On hindsight, I see my cliche case: I was like the parents who say No, but then relinquish. So sloppy. Ultimately, my daughter won out with begging, whining, crying, tantrum. She became a pro at never accepting No, even when No meant No. I had been inadvertently teaching her to hold out. I created a drama queen. It was exhausting. Madonna!!

What was suggested in the book, was to say No in such a way as to appeal to a child's sense of reason: perhaps there would be negotiations, caveats, so forth, but without actually saying the unfathomable word. Never– shhh! is kind of like saying Voldemort –unspeakable.

But too much talk is also fatal. Before you have finished your spiel, your child is in another time zone and you are a distant talking head. Thea would say things like: Too much information, mom, I canʼt hear you anymore. Her window of time for receptivity was approximately thirty seconds. Oy Vey! Your child, as I have attested, is your biggest guru. She is also the devil incarnate.

Yet, when I took that extra moment to go into the zone – take a breath, forgo the reactive behavior – everything worked so smoothly. Ultimately, it's also the easier way.


We are made from the same clay! We are all entangled.

Listen, this is what I mean: The people who serve you day after day – you may be one of them – the banker, the baker, the doctor, the lawyer, the waitress, the cashier, the grocer, etc – practice SEEING people. Take a second to remember what they are:
" unwavering band of White Light"
–Kurt Vonnegut
...just like you!

I know, I know, I know about impossible I'm not one of them! Right. But that's surface stuff. Forget about that. I'm speaking of simple acknowledgement.

I'm speaking about what the quantum physicists call Entanglement. A fancy word for what Yogis in caves have known since forever: We are all One. Some of us know that, but the actual experience of it most often eludes us. It does not matter. Acknowledge their Divinity. Itʼs just like yours! See them! Or pretend to see them. With an open heart, it will work any old way. Tip your hat to them, so to speak. The Hindus say Namaste with a small bow of the head. Namaste means I honor the God within you, which is the same as the God within me.

Make the present moment Sacred. Make it Heaven on Earth. I'm not talking Love at First Sight. How about this:

"Please – a little less love, and a little more common decency."
–Kurt Vonnegut


There can be serious, deeper deprivations, core betrayals, unconscionable NOs with which people burden their entire existences.

A man I cared for deeply, devoted himself to work in the burn unit of New York Hospital. His work was inestimable in the eyes of many. But I knew it wasn't his work. I knew it within the first week of our relationship. If you pay close attention to a person when you first know them, there are intuitions to be trusted. I said, "You do realize this is not your work, don't you?" Shocked, he bolted from his chair and said. "What are you talking about? How would you know that? What might I have said..." I could not answer him, but I was correct. He was meant to be a writer. Though his work was valuable, he went against his Soul. He died at age 52.

I can give you half a dozen personal examples of people who have betrayed their Core. They said NO to their inner voice, their Soul. They paid with their lives. You will not survive well becoming a ...milkman, postman, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief... if what you really want to do is paint pictures.

Again, I reference The Bard:

"This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man."
–Shakespeare, Hamlet

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Friday, May 7, 2010


“I donʼt envision 1,000-year-old people, but 150-year-old people?
That's a pretty modest increase over what we've got now.”
–Steven Austad,
University of Texas Health Science Center,
San Antonio

“A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?”
–Robert Browning

“It takes a long time to become young.”
–Pablo Picasso

Granted I am only 68, but I have become much younger over the past five to eight years and here is my personal story:

I have been in the healing arts since the late seventies and have worked devotedly and passionately to hone a diet that was magnificent in it's simplicity, a way of fueling my body that brought me joy and increased my Passion 100 fold.

All was prelude to an awakening begun in about 2005. I began the process of a "quantum leap". I was 63 in '05 and I weighed 156 pounds, the most I ever weighed in my life. Several years of considerable stress and major risk taking (I believe in risk) BUT I was not taking care of myself as well as I certainly could. This is a common, but unnecessary response to stress. The answer is to begin honing skills that become so deeply imbedded in you, that when the stress comes, "stuffing yourself" with the wrong substances (often they don't even qualify as food) is no longer a habitual option for you. Today, 5 years later, 2010, I weigh exactly 50 pounds less, 106.

This journey has been a gift, an amazing transformation for me. And it all happened very gradually yet very focused on the glorious intent of genuine radiant health. And then it just started taking on a life of it's own. There was no real work. I have long been approximately 80% raw, but what became different, was that I began UNDERFEEDING. I eat very very simply now, no fancy raw recipes. I NOW EAT 80% FOODS THAT LOOK THE SAME WHEN YOU EAT THEM AS WHEN THEY COME OUT OF THE GROUND. And, needless to say, VERY SMALL QUANTITIES. THAT'S THE BIG TICKET!

I never ever felt hungry. Especially since the benefits were so wondrous to experience. I have never felt better or looked better (comparatively speaking) in my life. But I look at my old driver's license, and I behold a different person. And a much more joyful and freely passionate person. It genuinely feels like. Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. Thank you Deepak Chopra and Gabriel Cousens.

So for me, I never want to give up the benefits. Too much of a sacrifice to eat junk that sits on the tongue for a moment. And then, you just want more. No thanks, I don't think so. I have always, since a teenager wanted to 'never have to think about food'. I wanted FOOD AS FUEL. And, now, at 68, it must have been a genuine heart's desire, because I got what I wanted. And it feels so great. And I adore the food I eat. Eating is a rapturous experience.

The concept of Underfeeding, will continue to be for me, the most urgent tool that I will attempt to teach people. My program "Aging Hot, a different frequency" will continue to be my budding life's work. Continuing the work of teaching 'Underfeeding" is an exhilarating prospect for me. And whoever you are, remember, "You are never too young to 'age hot!'"