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Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Colon Cleansing is ESSSSENTIAL to Fasting!

I chose ‘fasting’ because this is how my daughter (age 21, and myself, 68) decided to ‘bring on’ and ‘ring in’ the New Year. A renegade choice in that it is, for sure, not the traditional way of doing things. Some cajoled I was ‘depriving’ my daughter. Hello: she approached me! Exciting, very cool stuff, in my estimation, for a 21 year old to make this request. Hip, rewarding, illuminating and incredibly bonding for us.

DANGER: Do not Fast without this!

I am going to quote (and paraphrase a little) an excerpt from Are You Confused? by Dr. Paavo O. Airola. He was born in Findland in 1918 and settled in Arizona in the 70’s (big era for fasting and stabilizing the groundwork for huge acceptance in the states. I was there for it! Gosh the timing was good!). In my estimation, his information on fasting is the most exceptional I have ever read. His experience in this area has been unsurpassed and his contribution in this field, unparalleled.

Cleansing the Colon during Fasting:

“I have seen rather horrifying examples of what prolonged fasting can do. [he refers specifically to water fasting, which he does not recommend and neither do I. Fresh pressed organic veggie juice, favoring green, is the ticket!] A few months ago, a man arrived at our Spa from recent treatments at a famous American clinic where he fasted for 32 days on water. During all this time he was advise to stay in bed, with the exception of short periods of sunbathing. He was given no colonics, not even an enema. He told me that it took him two months ‘to recuperate’ from this fast and get on his feet. He was still in a very weak condition with damaged kidneys and severe edema in his legs. Several former patients of this particular clinic advised me that they were told that it takes an amount of time equal to the fasting time to recuperate from the effects of fasting! I showed him one of our colon-cleansing-juice-fasting patients, who was just completing the last day of his one month juice fast. He was active all the time during fasting, walked 3 to 5 miles each day, took yoga and other exercises, cleansed the colon DAILY, and felt, on the last day of the fast, stronger and healthier than before the fast. He was actually loaded with vitality. This patient did not need any recuperation period after his fast -- his fast indeed WAS a recuperative and regenerative period!"

Does it get any better? Trust me, this is where the miracles lie if you choose to be responsible, and do the protocol properly.

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  1. happy new year grace!
    what an amazing beginning fast with your daughter! i lovelovelove the amazing time/experience/love you shared/share with her! so beautiful!
    beautiful new website/blog...
    you look/sound and are fabulous!!!!!
    with love and in joy,